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3 tips for buying Confectionery Equipment

If you love to bake and want to expand your confectionery skills, then you have the right information. This article gives useful tips for buying the best confectionery equipment. There are three types of confectionery equipment – makers, mixers and machines. These three are interchangeable terms when speaking about the equipment. Buyers need to identify which type they need to buy for their business.

Confectionery enthusiasts gather at various trade shows, including the annual San Diego Comic-Con, to haggle for sales at the confectionery auction. Buying candy at an auction is a great deal, with prices ranging from hundreds of dollars for small items to tens of thousands for big ticket items like tins, boxes, bottles and cases. A person can usually find many bargain buys at an auction. The most important tip for buying at an auction is to make sure the auction is reputable.

Tips to choose Confectionery equipment

  • Confectionery equipment includes everything from the classic tins and boxes to the newest gourmet confectionery mixing devices.
  • All confectionery needs a container in which the candy pieces are stored.
  • Buy confectionery containers that are leak proof and tamper proof.
  • Pick containers that are versatile enough to meet the storage and shipping requirements of any business.

Candy preservatives have been necessary and increasingly used in recent years. The new types of preservatives are safer for bakers to use. Preservatives like sodium benzoate and benzoic acid are more stable than saccharin. These additives are no longer needed in bulk candy. The FDA has banned the production and sale of saccharin, but manufacturers can still produce smaller amounts. This has caused a price drop in smaller, cheaper products, including pastilles, that can be used in place of saccharin in pastels and gums.

The traditional lollipop, fudge and caramel candies are not made any more by the confectionery companies. Many of these products are going to the auction block on July 4th. These candy items will not return this year’s sales. There are several large distributors who specialize in selling these old style sweets at auction.

Candy molds are not being manufactured any longer. Candy molds were traditionally made of glass. They were safer and more flexible than their metal counterparts. They could be formed into many different shapes and sizes to meet the exact specifications of each recipe. On the day of the auction, buyers can expect to view many different shapes and sizes in a variety of colors to choose from, especially the old classic sweets.

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