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4 Points to Consider When Choosing a CRO

Choosing a reliable CRO like Veristat is an essential part of all Clinical Trials. It ensures you have proper management and monitoring of the procedures from start to finish. However, it may not be an easy task to choose the right one. There are some factors you have to consider, such as the quality of compliance. Other points to consider include;

The Infrastructure

 If you require holding Virtual Clinical Trials, be sure to find out whether the CRO has the equipment for this. Do they have the infrastructure to support your study?  Research on the CRO’s facilities, equipment, and staff; check whether they can handle your research needs.   Do not overlook any requirements for your project as this can impact the research success. Thus cross-check them with the infrastructure and facilities of the CRO you choose.


You need to ascertain that the CRO you choose can deliver the services you need. You can do this by holding discussions with the Research Organization and explain what you need. Ensure they understand your requirements and can provide the necessary skills and services.  Also, gather information from the CRO of how they’ll deliver these services. Will they liaise with other niche service providers, or will all the services be provided by the CRO? While it may be easier to have services all under one roof, niche service providers may offer better expertise. During these discussions, ask for suggestions from the CRO on what other services you can employ for your trial’s success.

Level of Experience

It would be best to know if your CRO has experience related to your area of study. Choose a CRO with ample experience as they know what is expected of them. Plus this saves you time and resources. You may also want to choose a CRO that has experience working with your kind of company. Ask for the CRO’s credentials for their past projects that relate to your study. Regardless of the size, each company has its own culture and goals. A CRO that understands your culture and goals provides a swift experience. You may also want to get some client feedback from other researchers who have worked with the CRO.


For your study’s efficiency, it’ll help if you work with a CRO that is financially stable to withstand any risks that may occur. The CRO’s years of service may help out in such a case as you can check how the company responds and mitigates potential risks.   Also, seek to understand how they facilitate their cash flow, and how they manage it. Consider the unit costs and not just the total cost. A low-cost CRO does not warrant quality services as most charge what they can offer. If they are low, they may not provide all the services you need and expect of them.

When choosing a CRO, make sure they meet the requirements for your study. Check their level of expertise in dealing with related projects. Also check whether they have the capabilities, skills, and services needed. Also, don’t forget to check their infrastructure, staff, and facilities.

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