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Dough Extruder: Features and Specific Styles of Extruders!

The extruder is a type of machine used to produce long continuous strands or shapes of dough that are then cut into smaller pieces for baking. Many different types and sizes of extruders exist, depending on the application needed. The first section below describes some common features found in most extruders; additional sections discuss specific styles more thoroughly.

Common features found in most dough extruders are:

-The hopper:  This is where the main ingredient, usually flour or water, enters the dough extruder and gets pushed downwards by a screw to be mixed with other ingredients.

-The barrel: The mixture then moves through this chamber towards the front of the machine. Here, it will enter a die plate area, which forces the dough through small holes or dies to form the desired shape.

-The strand/shaping cylinder: The mixture is forced out of these shaped openings to be cut into pieces for baking, coiling onto a roller, etc.

Specific styles and types include:

-Taffies extruder – used mainly with candy companies to create taffy.

-Extrusion cooker – used for pasta and cereals, where the dough is cooked as it moves through the barrel of this style extruder.

-Single screw or planetary mixer – a common type of machine used in bakeries; these are very similar to blenders but have multiple counter-rotating screws.

-Extrusion cooker – used for pasta and cereals, where the dough is cooked as it moves through the barrel of this style extruder.

-Double screw or twin-screw mixer – consist of two interlocking screws that rotate in opposite directions. This style is typically used for high-speed production and to get a very smooth dough product.

-Dough sheeter – the dough is pushed through a roller covered with small blades to create flat sheets. This can be done by hand or using an electric machine.

-Bakery extruders – are typically used for bread, bagels, and pretzels, where the shaped pieces of dough are cooked as they move along inside the chamber of this style extruder.

-Rotary molder – molds the dough into a specific shape by rotating it as it moves through the barrel of this machine. This is done on an industrial scale and can create different forms, such as spaghetti or macaroni noodles.

In conclusion, it is important to know that many different types of extruders are used for industrial purposes. Of course, the main function is to create the dough, but the specific shape can depend on its style and the mixture processed inside.

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