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Eligibility and benefits of Canadian immigrant investor program

Countries, developing and developed alike, always intend to attract businesses and investments in their countries. They provide various tax, business and fiscal benefits to the investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals. Few countries also offer immigration and citizenship opportunities to their investors and wealthy businessmen. Canada is one of the leading countries to offer permanent residency to investors and wealthy businessmen. People across the world explore citizenship by investment in Canada opportunities for them and their families.

Canada being a developed nation attracts people from across the world. People from underdeveloped, developing and developed countries prefer to immigrate to Canada for many advantages. Dual citizenship, offered by Canada, is a huge attraction for people intending to immigrate to Canada as they can retain the citizenship of their origin country even after acquiring the citizenship of Canada.  People use the services of Canada PR consultant to evaluate their chances of permanent residencies in Canada.

Canada is a North American pro business country which offers many benefits to its overseas investors and businessmen including permanent residency:

  • Huge market: Canada is the world’s tenth largest economy which becomes a great market and business space for many overseas businessmen and investors. Businesses can access entire North American market from being and having businesses in Canada.
  • Business in developed and democratic country: Businesses and investors prefer to do business in a developed and democratic country to avail better infrastructure, market etc.
  • Multi-cultural pluralistic country: Canada is a multi-cultural pluralistic country with social cohesiveness. People having multi ethnicity and countries of origin happily live in Canada. Businesses and investors naturally get attracted to this type of vibrant society.

Overseas businessmen and investors use the services of Canada PR consultant to guide them to avail Canadian permanent residency.  Under this immigration program, investors and businessmen along with their families can avail permanent residency of Canada. They may also help them in exploring the opportunities of citizenship by investment in Canada after having permanent residency for more than 5 years. There are a few broad eligibility criteria for overseas investors and businessmen to avail permanent residency in Canada:

  • The applicant alone or with his/her spouse has earned or obtained legitimate personal net worth of more than 2 million Canadian dollars in at least 6 months before submitting the application.
  • The applicant has significant business experience in at least 2 of the last 5 years before submitting their application of permanent residency in Canada.
  • The applicants invest at least 1.2 million CAD with no interest for 5 years under one of the two immigrant programs.
  • The applicants along with accompanying family members have to clear Canada’s health and security evaluations.
  • The applicants will be assessed on age, academic qualifications, experience, English language fluency etc.

Applicants have to ensure that they file the permanent residency application only through authorized immigration consultants of Canada otherwise they run the risks of getting their application returned or rejected. They mandatorily check the status of their preferred Canada PR consultant by validating RCIC number on ICCRC database.

The opportunity of citizenship by investment in Canada will stay as one of the most popular immigration programs in the world because of its easy eligibility criteria and huge benefits that it offers to overseas investors and businessmen.

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