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Essential Laundry Services at Affordable Costs

If you run a hotel, bed and breakfast or restaurant, then freshly cleaned linen is an essential requirement and not one that can be overlooked and while there are commercial laundry providers in all parts of the UK, they do not all offer the same level of service. If you are planning a start-up or are far from happy with your current linen provider, here are a few aspects of a good commercial laundry company to look for.

  • Reliability – The one thing you must avoid is running out of clean linen and when looking at commercial laundry services, do read the online reviews on their website, as they are a good indication of the service you will receive. Of course, one should keep back a few sets of clean bedsheets and towels as an emergency supply, but you need your linen deliveries to be reliable.
  • Range of Top Quality Linen – A well-established linen provider would be able to offer you quite a few designs and should you ever wish to change, a simple phone call is all it takes to trial another brand or design that might be more suitable for your business.
  • Chef Wear – If you run a restaurant or a hotel, your chef and kitchen staff should be suitably attired and once you hook up with a leading local commercial linen supplier, you no longer have to worry about all your linen requirements, whether tablecloths, napkins or chef wear.
  • Affordability – While you do want a 5-star service, the price should be competitive (a few Google searches will help compare prices), with no hidden extras, or course.
  • Professional Service with a Smile – It is important that, from the first enquiry, you are made to feel important; every hospitality provider trains their staff, who will be visiting your business premises on a regular basis, even though by the trade entrance. Service with a smile makes all the difference and with reliability and a great product, your customers will be suitably impressed.

There are some commercial linen providers who get serious about protecting the environment and any information about their eco-friendly processes would be found on their website. It is important to check that all supplier have green policies, as we all have a duty to reduce our carbon footprint and if we all adopt best practices, we will leave a greener planet for future generations to enjoy and continue the eco-friendly practices.

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