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Great Startup Ideas to Kickstart Your Business Goals

Are you looking for an awesome idea for a startup? This 2021, the options are limitless, with so many things you can do to achieve goals. Choosing one can be a bit daunting, as you want to ensure that there is a return on investment.

Check out this list of startup ideas to help you take the first step toward your journey to a successful business.

  1. Laundry Business

A great startup idea is to start your own small laundry business, which is a great option for new entrepreneurs for various reasons, including:

  • They are recission-resistant. Even in a tough economy, laundromats are necessary. In fact, even during the pandemic, the laundry industry was one of the industries that continued to survive despite the lockdowns and restrictions.
  • There is a return of investment of up to 25-35% within the year, unlike restaurants that receive a 3-5% ROI.
  • Compared to other businesses, a small laundry business would have low barriers when entering the industry. There are only a few requirements when it comes to education and certification, as well as regulatory and warehousing. As long as you have a solid business plan and partner knowledgeable with the industry, you can kickstart your business in a few weeks.
  • You can have your financing needs met quickly, as there are companies that cater to funding laundry businesses such as Clean Venture! Upon submitting the application requirements, you can get an answer within days, so no delays with the business plan.
  1. Real Estate Business

For a lot of people, navigating the real estate market is pretty overwhelming. Here are a few reasons why you should also consider real estate:

  • There are different ways you can make a profit from real estate, as long as you can handle assets wisely. You can earn through property appreciation such as selling properties that have risen in value. Or you can earn through income, such as renting or leasing your property in desirable locations so you can secure tenants quickly.
  • Real estate investors can receive substantial amounts of cash flow from selling properties, along with secure monthly income from rent. The latter is passive income as you manage your other investments.
  • While all investments have some form of risk, building a good real estate portfolio helps secure your future.
  1. Niche Dating App

Online dating is now becoming more and more popular, with the negative stigma decreasing. Now is the time to take advantage of the rising trend of online dating and set up your own app or website for it.

There are different dating sites targeting specific audiences, so you can opt to create one made that meets a demand that hasn’t been met yet. With more and more people tapping into the web to find love and new connections, your unique app or site can make you a lot of money. To give you an idea, Tinder and Bumble have received a revenue of $2-3 billion a YEAR!

And there you have it! If you’re thinking of founding a startup, consider any of these ideas above and begin the steps of building a business plan and getting financing.

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