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How an International Preschool Program Benefits Your Child

The significance of early childhood education cannot be overstated. Your child’s emotional, social, and physical growth will directly impact their entire development and who they will become as adults. According to new research, children who attended 400 or more days of preschool at the age of two to three years old scored higher on IQ tests than children from comparable origins who attended preschool less frequently or not at all. That is why, if you want to optimise your child’s future well-being, you must invest in their education from the start.

The International Preschool Curriculum was created to raise the bar for preschool education by making it more global and all-encompassing, emphasising bettering and developing the complete person. Families, teachers, and communities worldwide are reaping the advantages of IPC’s world-class curriculum today. IPC has implemented a more progressive and creative global education system to over 100 schools on six continents.

What the International Preschool Curriculum Involves

The IPC curriculum encouraged cultural peace via progressive and global education. Its curricula aim to develop critical thinking, self-awareness, and pluralism through knowledge of different cultures.

The IPC curriculum is professionally produced in-house by the IPC design studio, which works closely with different governments to customise the curricula materials to ensure local conformity. It is based on proven and peer-reviewed principles and is used in international preschool in Bangkok.

The IPC curriculum comprises numerous theme modules that span six essential learning domains, including play, inquiry, and objective-based learning approaches. Furthermore, the IPC curriculum emphasises active family participation, so each theme unit is accompanied by a parent newsletter. These are intended to enlighten parents about what their children are learning in the classroom and contain many activities so that their learning may continue at home.

How it Benefits My Child for the Future

The IPC is a well-thought-out curriculum that encourages individual learning and provides a diversified early education for children. This curriculum provides students with various benefits that help them with a better future.

The IPC curriculum includes student workbooks, flashcards, worksheets, and other learning aids. Each IPC preschool receives a variety of emergent literacy materials to improve your child’s learning and reading abilities.

The IPC gives practical instructions to assist parents in better understanding their child’s educational process so that learning can continue throughout the day. Every IPC school is taught to keep parents informed about their child’s progress daily.

The IPC Teacher Training course, designed by a Harvard University teaching fellow, is delivered to the staff of all IPC schools and culminates in the IPC Teacher Certificate. Teachers also have access to a few professional development courses and consultation guides to help them improve the education of all of our kids.


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