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Importance of User-Generated Content When Developing Your Online Training

We are living in the information age and everything you need to know is probably at your fingertips. This is quite important, for all learners. In most cases, learners search and select the information that is relevant to them. This means if you have an online training program, it is important to have platforms where learners can share their opinions and information, and more so when you’re offering online compliance training. Most online platforms not only share knowledge but also offer important content known as user-generated content.

What are the benefits of user-generated content when developing your online training?

User-generated content refers to any content that is derived from users and in this case created by learners. For example, in your True Office Learning compliance training, any information you gather from learners is a good example of user-generated content. User-generated content can be in the form of blogs, podcasts, videos, infographics, images, and responses on certain topics. And such content comes with some benefits which include;

Active participation

An online course will often offer information you can revisit and learn at your pace. You will find that they don’t involve learners beyond the learning scope of the course. You’ll also be encouraging the learner to actively offer insights on the topics in your course. You will find that most of the learners will actively share what they know. And this will help validate their work and experience.

It creates a great sense of community

Most people might think that online learning is impersonal. However, online learning offers the learner an opportunity to communicate through groups or forums which help employees learn from each other. This also creates a sense of community where learners collaborate in an environment that offers reliable information and resources. When the learners establish a community, they can easily share ideas and tips around the material and topics covered in the courses.

It encourages inclusivity

Learners from different backgrounds and geographical regions can easily collaborate and work together in an online working environment. You will find that the information provided may be too academic for some, but they can easily reach out to their peers for a better explanation or support and in a simpler language. Online learning offers different categories of learners so it will be very comfortable even for a beginner.

The content is reliable

Most of the information generated by users is quite reliable. You will find that learners will benefit more from relevant information that is applicable in real life. This also will increase the information’s credibility. Learners even provide you with feedback that helps you know what they’ve learned from your course. This means that upon completion, the course will have been enriched by user-generated content.

For the user-generated content to enrich your course, you have to keep checking on its quality and accuracy. Make sure you also give credit to the contributors to keep them motivated. User-generated content adds value to your training course and has enormous benefits to other learners at large.

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