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Into The Colossal Power Of Social Media

Marketing your mobile app can be an intimidating task, considering that the mobile application market is brimming with over 5 million applications available for download.

After days and nights of working hard on your application, and testing various versions of the application, it is essential to gain users to ensure that your hard work does not go waste.

The rise of Social Media in recent years has resulted in the gradual decline of the traditional methods of marketing and advertising. Digital advertisements and email newsletters have taken over conventional flyers and newspaper advertisements.

Digital Marketing via Social Media has great potential in Singapore, owing to an active userbase of more than 4.6 million out of a population of 5.5 million and when it comes to digital marketing and advertising, look no further than MediaOne.

MediaOne is one of the first digital marketing agencies in Singapore and has since helped innumerable clients get maximum results with their mobile applications.

MediaOne helps you make the most of these potential customers by not only helping you Market Your App For More Downloads but also helping you establish a loyal customer base. A recent study depicts that almost 75% of users never use a mobile application after downloading. Therefore, MediaOne not only ensures an increase in the number of downloads but also a steep increase in the number of active users of your mobile application.

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