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Is The Hair Extensions Business Changing Post Pandemic?

The pandemic has brought massive changes to the business world, and that includes the hair extensions industry. Establishments have had to make changes in how they do business. These changes have affected all sectors, including the beauty industries.  People selling virgin hair extensions from brands like Harlem Hair Company have had to make changes which include;

Mandatory Sanitization

One of the recommendations for preventing the spread of Covid-19 is sanitization. It has become a mandatory task in everyone’s routine, whether at home or at work. Some hair extension brands have gone a step further and taken a complimentary Covid-19 certification course. They are trained on how to maintain sanitization in their business and given certificates upon completion. These changes are meant not just to keep the business running but to protect all parties involved.

Wearing of PPE

Aside from mandatory sanitization, hair extension businesses have taken up wearing protective gear such as masks and gloves. The personnel does not just wear these gears; customers are also expected to have their masks on at all times unless required otherwise. Some brands have adorned the PPEs with their business Logo for identity.

Evolution of Online Stores

Hair extension businesses have even moved online. With the need for social distancing, businesses have adopted other means to meet these requirements while still serving their customers.  Most brands have developed e-commerce stores to run hand-in-hand with their brick-and-mortar stores. These are meant to serve customers from the comfort of their homes. They can easily order what they need and have it delivered to them. This way, there is no crowding in the store, and everyone is safe.

Reduced Wait Times

Formally, most clients were forced to sit in the lobby while reading a magazine as they wait for their turn to be served; it is no longer the case. Salons and beauty stores are saving few clients at a time. Some salons now require one to book an appointment instead of random pop-ins; this is done virtually via video call or a normal phone call. What’s more, some clients can do some consulting regarding their beauty needs without going to the salon.

Increased Popularity for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are now in demand. Since it is not possible to keep up with one’s regular salon visits, there has been a need for a long-serving solution. This is where hair extensions come in. They are easy to maintain and do not need regular styling or blow-drying. One can meet their everyday hair beauty needs without having to be stressed out about it. What’s more, customer can conveniently purchase their desired hair extensions online.

The impacts of Covid-19 on the hair extensions industry are numerous. Both customers and service providers have to adopt new strategies to withstand these impacts. Hair businesses have to maintain health safety with sanitization and wearing of PPE. Most are now selling their products online virtually. This way, as the demand for hair extensions increase, they can reduce crowding in the stores thus keeping everyone safe.

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