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Why Choose Hospital Grade UVC Systems over Other Brands

The evolution of UV light can be traced back to the late 1800s. Since its discovery, UV light disinfection has been used in several industrial, commercial, and medical areas for infection control. Currently, advancements have been made to expand the use of UV sanitizer hospital grade UV light in businesses and residential areas. In the healthcare department, UV technology has evolved making the disinfection process more effective and faster covering a wider area. Below are some reasons why hospital grade UV light is a better choice than other disinfection methods.

UVC disinfection is faster and far more effective than traditional methods

UVC has a wavelength of 222 nanometres. This shorter wavelength makes it more efficient at low dose rates. It is also much safer to use around humans as it does not penetrate the human skin or eyes. UV light disinfection of hospitals from R-Zero guarantees a higher absorption rate in viruses and bacteria and a higher speed in the killing of pathogens. Unlike UV-C which can take minutes, far-UVC has a higher wavelength and chemically changes the cells’ bonds of germs and pathogens, these results in their mutation ensuring there is no replication but it doesn’t kill or destroy them. Hospital-grade UVC on the other hand has a shorter wavelength and physically destroys the cells,

UVC is Safer

Conventional methods pose great danger to humans. Most are chemical-based and when inhaled, they result in greater respiratory problems. In addition, these methods require the hiring of different staff members to carry out the needed disinfection routine. This exposes more people to danger. UVC lights units are chemical-free and leave behind no residue. This makes it safer to use around humans. It does not require a lot of handling once the system or device has been installed. The UVC systems are programmed to start the disinfection process when a room is vacated and no one is exposed to danger. This means a hospital or industry cuts down operating costs as they don’t need staff presence to carry out the disinfection procedure.

Far-UVC is better than conventional disinfection methods

Traditional methods of disinfection are mostly chemical which poses more harm to human beings. UVC is gaining much popularity not only in the healthcare industry but also in the education sector. When combined with indoor air filtration, it eliminates any airborne microbes including the antibacterial-resistance ones. All this is done without causing harm to humans. It makes it possible to maintain patients’ health and safety standards. When the air is cleared of any pathogens, it reduces the chances of virus and other infections spreading. When UVC is fully utilized in the hospital, it lowers the cost of hiring the cleaning staff and reducing the number of people exposed to harmful chemicals.

Hospital grade UV light has evolved into the now more effective UVC. This evolution has also made UV light disinfection a preferred method in hospitals, schools, and other areas. it is safer, cost-effective, and more efficient in the elimination of germs, infections, viruses. Unlike other conventional methods, mostly chemical-based, UVC is chemical-free and does not penetrate the human skin.

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