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3 Ways to Make Your Worksite Dust and Odor Free

Continuous exposure to dusty air is a health risk not just to employee’s eyes, but also to their respiratory system. Such a risk when not mitigated can lead to life-long predicaments.  Dust contains different particles each of which has negative effects on your health. For this reason, there is a high need to take odor control measures seriously and ensure that your worksite is odor and dust-free at all times. This precaution should be taken early enough and not when the effects have hit hard. So, how can you make your construction site safe for your workers? Below is a look at things you can do to offer a healthy environment and worksite for your employees.

Identifying dust hazards

You cannot apply the right dust control measures if you do not know what the issue is. In the same regard, you can only choose the right dust control measures when you know what hazard you are addressing. In any worksite, dust problems can be identified through visual inspection. For instance, dust can be spotted on the floor, walls, and machines. To inspect such hazards and dust levels you can do so through atmospheric monitoring and checking the quality of air at the workplace. After you’ve identified the hazard and its level, you can proceed to employ the appropriate equipment to deal with the problem. Also, consider purchasing quality equipment from for your dust control procedures. As such, be sure to choose equipment that is right for your worksite.

Control measures

There are certain measures you can employ to control dust released into the atmosphere and protect your employees’ health. These include the use of vacuum cleaning to clean work areas instead of brushing. The latter can easily spread dust into the air. In the case of sweeping, it is better to fast dampen the area with water to sink the dust particles. Also, you can use Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) in the extractions of dust from the source. Again, you can limit the time in which your employee is exposed to dust in dusty areas. And in cases where 100% dust elimination is not possible, you should consider using respirators.

Clean and Disinfect Regularly

Regular cleaning is an effective means to keep dust under control and prevent the foul smell from permeating the worksite. Regular cleaning is also cost-effective as it does not require extensive equipment. However, there should be regular deep cleaning for the hard-to-reach areas. You can ensure there is daily floor and surface cleaning followed by a weekly or bi-weekly deep cleaning. The key is to maintain the routine to help prevent dust collection. The clean areas should also be sanitized and disinfected to mitigate odor growth. Also, sensitize your employee to be responsible for maintaining cleanliness by keeping their workstation clean and taking out their trash.

Maintain health and safety standards by regular cleaning and deep cleaning of your work site. And before you purchase dust control equipment, ensure you know which problem you are addressing and its levels. Also, establish measures that will work towards a dust and odor-free environment and ensure your employees take part in implementing them.

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